Reconnecting people with nature, creatively

Dive into fun ways of engaging with the natural world.

Immerse yourself in vibrant, hands-on, creative activities (Eco Arts)
Realise fresh ways of utilising mindfulness in the outdoors (Natural Presence)
Tap into skilful, sense-aware design of gardens and other landscapes (Enviro Design)

Be part of the new global trend of inspired nature-connectedness for a greater sense of wholeness and well-being. Renew your sense of vitality. Connect to self-expression, surrounded by nature’s energy.

Green Edge Catalysts engages with people through a range of highly original, eco- inspired programs, activities and projects.

They may be through workshops, festivals, school holiday programs, charity fund- raisers, media events, commissions and more. Set in outdoor locations such as botanical gardens, private gardens, parklands, nature reserves, environment centres, city farms, pre-schools, or arts precincts – to name a few!

Our core business covers Facilitation, Design, and Consulting.
It’s your choice.

Come join with us in connecting more deeply with nature, in super enriching and collaborative ways!

Immersive experiences to ignite creativity

Let nature awaken your senses

Place making that enlivens the spirit

Inspire • Connect • Create

Green Edge Catalysts are proud to be