About Us

Hello! We are an energetic, Brisbane-based duo, tapping into the new ‘eco arts’ market and the global ‘nature-connect’ movement. Together, we have a wealth of experience in the arts, education and landscape industries. Let us enthuse you!

We love that we get to work together as wise creative women, who pursue our worldly interests and spiritual paths with passion…

Tamsin Scott

Landscape Architect, Visual Artist
and Group Facilitator

Tamsin was drawn to landscape architecture through her love of nature and landscapes. With a BA in fine art, she worked as a professional sculptor before re-training as a landscape architect and has worked in that industry for over 25 years. More recently Tamsin worked as a group facilitator for mindful gardening courses in a meditation centre in the UK. In recognising the dilemma of ‘nature deficit disorder’, she is committed to finding ways for people to re-engage and connect deeply with the natural world to help lead more balanced lives.

Sharmila Nezovic

Artist, Community Educator, Community
and Cultural Developer

Sharmila holds a Master of Creative Arts from James Cook Uni and has extensive creative arts experience – not only as a visual and a performance artist, but also with over 20 years experience as an arts educator and community and cultural developer. She is passionate about working across disciplines and facilitating exciting learning experiences filled with creativity for people of all ages. Sharmila is known for her dynamic and accessible approach to innovative processes and projects. She feels a deep, personal spiritual connection with nature yet is equally inspired by urban environments.

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