Natural Presence

Slow down, relax and engage all the senses, to see life from a whole fresh perspective. Let us guide you through gentle mindfulness practice sessions set specifically in the outdoors.

Fully connecting with nature through sense-being is a wonderfully simple antidote to our busy lives!

Suitable as special one-off enriching experiences or incorporated into your organisation’s or group’s current programming.

‘Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better.’

Albert Einstein


Join us for walking meditation – learn to be fully present with yourself and experience the natural environment in all her richness and beauty. These one-hour programs will leave you feeling enlivened, rejuvenated and with a new appreciation for nature. Suitable for everyone.


Gardens are our sanctuaries, nature is our healer and mindfulness brings us into wholeness. Learn the practical application of mindfulness principles while getting your hands in the soil! These workshops are perfect for garden lovers and anyone wanting to practice natural presence in nurturing group environments. Here’s a lovely opportunity to blossom!


Extended periods of communing with nature gets us more in touch with a deeper sense of self. These one or two day retreats incorporate the ultimate combination offering meditation, silence and sense awakening creativity activities such as, eco arts, chanting for centering and movement in meditation. Let nature be your nurturer and healer. Let creativity release the joy!

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