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Creative ECO-ARTS Discovery Programs

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Hatching Nest

Fusing nature awareness and fibre arts

Create a giant, walk-in sculptural nest from scratch, using a combination of green waste materials such as logs, branches, twigs, vines and leaves. Watch a magnificent human-scaled, environmental nest grow; then step inside it, to extend the experience across-disciplines, such as with: ‘nature-themed’ story-telling, scribing or drawing stories, creation of a theatrical production – or, make individual, small, take-home nests instead.

Breeze Orchestra

Fusing natural materials with musical sounds

Here’s a fun opportunity to get nature to shake, rattle and roll! Everything can make a sound – here we get to create imaginative natural instruments and install them in patterned groupings, to be played by the wind! Consider how sounds are made? What types of sounds are possible? Does one sound go well next to another sound? Can you even invent a new type of instrument? All suspended together outside, let the unique Breeze Orchestra allow nature to entertain with this delightful community concert installation.

Tree Whispering

Fusing conservation with social sciences

Surrounded by a cool, shady ‘wooded grove’ of mature banyan figs or other large trees, invent colourful messages on leaves, then hang them from the aerial roots and/or on natural twine plaits, like streamers, dangling from horizontal branches. Create an imagined message from the tree to humanity. Attach yours to the magnificent tree dressing and help create a growing ‘message centre’ as a wonderful walk-in creative installation. See if a loud heart-felt statement can be made to inspire anyone who enters!

Nature’s Rainbow

Fusing biology with visual perception

Have you ever stopped to think about how much the Australian landscape is filled with the most amazing array of colours? Bold, rich, brilliant or mysterious, and often, very subtle too. Step into this colourful adventure together and find out more about nature’s astonishing art palette. Experience the outdoors art lab – notice minute colour shifts and the amazing textural variety in Mother Nature. Gather swatches and develop new colour combinations and patterned sequences. Then bring all this awareness together and create a marvellous art installation amongst the trees!

Sensory Images

Fusing the natural world with photography

In this multi sensory-awareness experience, express yourself creatively by taking intensified photos with your own digital camera! Seek out all sorts of eye-filling surprises. Gain understanding in improved artistic composition with some super design awareness hints. Then do the Sensory Images Challenge. Can you take a noisy photo? What sorts of sounds can we see?! Culminating in a fabulous, in-house mini group exhibition… which may be adapted, ready for public display, or even for fund-raising.

Light My Fire

Fusing ecology with manual arts

Using the world’s most sustainable natural material, bamboo, be guided how to make your very own lantern, then decorate it with tiny see-through dot-holes, for the candlelight to shine through. Based on easy to do, traditional Japanese bamboo lanterns processes. Choose your own event or theme. Then at night, watch with delight at how magical they look when candles are placed inside. Placing them together in a big group, creates a spectacular ‘sea of lights’ display. Just lovely!

Inspiring ENVIRO-DESIGN Programs

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WildChild Gardens

Design for Backyard Nature Play

This full-day workshop for adults offers expert guidance on how to create designs to transform a garden for engrossing natural play. Presented in a format that is hand’s on, practical and lively, it is suitable for anyone. Participants explore nature play principles, elements that ignite creative play and personal experiences, to tune into their children’s play needs. This is developed into exciting new garden visions as written descriptions, sketches, or a garden plan.

Sensory Gardens

Garden Design Workshop

This one-day workshop for adults facilitates the transformation of gardens into personalised spaces that connect more deeply with nature and spirit. Insightful yet thoroughly practical, participants are guided to delve into their own needs, tastes and desires and discover how to create satisfying designs for a garden space that is wondrous and that can stimulate all the senses. Learn a range of useful landscape hints, tools and keys, to bring out the most inspired, yet practical designs.

Hay, Hay, Straw Bale Play

Nature Play Event Enrichment

Here’s a simple, but dramatic way to provide drop in, unstructured family fun in the outdoors! A great alternative to digital screen time, this activity lets imaginations run wild with these giant, natural ‘building blocks’. Make a maze, a cubby, a pyramid, a spiral or a serpent! This activity joyfully activates park spaces and builds community, for relatively little cost. After all the fun is over, the straw bales make wonderful compost for a local community garden!

Awakening NATURAL PRESENCE Programs

Make your selection from this Menu – or we can customise a program to suit your specific needs

Nature Mindfulness Walk

Calming Meditation, in Motion

In a peaceful, natural setting, participants are guided to awaken their senses and tune-into the surroundings for a deeply refreshing, personal experience. It’s all about enlivening the present moment. These sessions focus on the benefits of silence, slowing down and relaxing, while also absorbing the healing benefits of being out in nature. Skills learnt can easily be applied to enrich everyday living. Presented for adults as one to two-hour sessions; or, a six-week course @ one hour per week.


A joy-filled, guided community dance experience

An inspiring approach to ‘mediation through movement’, set in the outdoors. These two hour sessions stimulate a deeper awareness of how we can connect with ourselves by tuning into the rhythms of nature. There is no learning of steps, rather intuitive, everyday movements are explored to release personal expression. Developed by Deborah Hay, the brilliant and highly acclaimed, US experimental choreographer, especially for non-dancers. Suitable for all body shapes, types and levels of fitness. Our aim is to energise as well as to unleash fun, gently.

Sound Bathing

Uplifting, vocals immersion experience

Using the natural resonant sounds of participants own voices, this workshop refreshes sonically. It covers physical and vocal warm-ups, an introduction to the ancient meditative art of vocal ‘Toning’, the development of intuitive, group chord-making, and ultimately supports a thoroughly immersive  experience of soaking in rejuvenating sound vibrations. Discover joy. No singing experience is necessary.

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