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Sensory Gardens – design your own garden workshop

This hands-on, full day workshop at Northey Street City Farm inspired a heartfelt approach to landscape design for participants to be able to apply to their own front or back yards, straight away! The morning exploration of the five senses, the four elements, garden design principles, guided visualisation and more, laid the foundation for the creative afternoon session, where many beautiful garden visions were born. Sensory Gardens was inspiring, fun, and practical and caters to people with no prior design experience. Everyone went home with the inspiration and knowledge on how to manifest their garden ideas to reconnect with their own patch of earth.

Tree Whispering – a celebratory eco-art tree installation

Celebrating the fabulous, mature banyan tree grove in Roma Street Parkland over one weekend, visitors were invited to write or draw personal messages on fallen leaves ‘to’ the tree or ‘from’ the tree and which were then tied to its dangling aerial roots. Everyone joined in by exploring the tree, listening carefully for her revealing wisdom or offering up their own insights, wishes and gratitude. Some climbed the branches to tie their leaf messages high in the canopy, others found little nooks in the trunk to hide their messages in, some created leaf talisman’s for the tree’s protection, others wrote jokes for visitors’ amusement. Being made entirely of natural materials, the Tree Whispering installation was left to slowly disintegrate over time.

Nature’s Rainbow – a forest eco-artwork for all the family

This new, two hour workshop is a super activity presented at Downfall Creek Bushland Centre that really got people engaging with found delights of the bush in hands on, creative ways. During this forest adventure, participants discovered more about nature’s astonishing art palette of colour, textures and tones through fun, interesting warm-up games. People were inspired by the endless creative potential of nature’s gifts and working in small groups or individually, worked up to adorning the forest floor with their artful designs. These eco-art installations using just natural materials made a specially delightful pathway exhibition for other forest visitors to enjoy!

Sensory Overload – a photography adventure in nature for teens

This fun, creative, eco-arts workshop is becoming a popular Brisbane City Council Chill-Out program. It has so far been held at Karawatha Forest Discovery Centre and Walton Bridge Reserve. Teenagers were given the challenge to connect with the natural world through their seven senses and a camera lens. Handy photography tips and some super sensory awareness exercises prepared participants for their walk through the bush, to capture fresh ways of seeing the amazing natural world in eye-popping ways. Many fantastic photographs resulted, the best ones were shared with the group and enjoyed by all.

Breeze Orchestra – delightful, community sound-sculpture

This imaginative, sound-making installation at Roma Street Parkland had participants of all ages make stunning ‘instruments’ for free, out of green waste; then each creation was strung-up between the trees for the breeze to play! Taking two whole days to reach its’ climax, people created wonders that rattled, rustled, swished, clattered or chimed, and even a few absolutely silent ones! Some instruments were as light as a feather, some rough as pine cones, some heavy with stones. Some pieces were lovingly wrapped, or knotted and tied, or strung together. The gentle wind joined all the sounds together to make a unique, magical Breeze Orchestra. We even had a wonderful, impromptu performance by half a dozen children on the last day!

Stories Hatching Nest – fun, Eco-arts community installation

Over four days during the school holidays, visitors to Roma Street Parkland, were welcome to drop-in and help build this giant nest. Young and old threw themselves into creating the enchanted space, made especially to scribe stories about what each other loves about nature. Some stayed ten minutes, some stayed an hour, and some even returned on other days to see how much it had grown! Made entirely of the park’s green waste materials, the Stories Hatching Nest was completely compostable. Despite several rain showers to slow down the building process, everyone raved about the nest and all the lovely stories, once the sun came out again.

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